Week 7: Guilty Pleasures – Cheesesteak

Another week, where I had some difficulty arriving at my recipe decision! I love food, and there isn’t much I feel “guilty” about eating. Then, yesterday, Shawn and I were watching “Man v Food”, and it was the cheesesteak episode, where Adam tried to eat 5lbs of cheesesteak at my favorite place, Tony Luke’s! I immediately realized what I had to do! And so off I went to the butcher & the bakery! It was difficult to find the right bread, here on Long Island, so I did the best I could, selecting a long submarine sandwich roll. It was softer than I would have liked, but it absorbed the juices from the meat and onions very nicely. Overall I would say the sandwich was very successful, certainly exceeding my own expectations of a Long Island homemade cheesesteak. For all you purists out there, look away, for I did use *gasp* American Cheese.



First I chopped up one vidalia onion and sautéed it with butter in the skillet.  This will take quite some if you plan on caramelizing the onion like I did. I know in Philly, many places use just barely cooked onions, so that will be much faster, if that is how you like them. Caramelizing will take about 35-45 minutes, if done properly. If you keep the heat too high, the onions will just burn, there is no real way to “speed up” caramelization. The shot below, is probably a little more than halfway through the process



Then you can add your steak to the grill. You want to use either rib-eye or top round. I chose rib-eye. It’s pretty much impossible to cut it thin enough at home, unless you own a deli slicer. Your best bet is to call your local butcher and ask them to prepare the sliced steak for you. Calling ahead of time is necessary, since they will need to freeze the meat first, in order to slice it thin enough. Most good butchers will be happy to do this for you. Cook the meat through. I left the onions in the skillet while the meat cooked. One side runs hotter, so I moved the onions on the cooler side.



After the meat is cooked, you can add your cheese, allowing it to melt. Don’t worry about it melting completely while on the grill, since it will melt once the sandwich is closed, anyway.


Then place the meat onto your already sliced bread. Top with onions if you’re using them, and enjoy!




  • 1 hero roll
  • 1.5lbs of very thin sliced rib-eye or top round
  • 1 vidalia onion, chopped
  • 3 Tbs butter
  • 1/4lb or sliced cheese of your choice (Provolone, american, cheddar, or of course you can use cheese wiz!)




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